Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Progress on "Happy Accidents"

I am at that wonderful stage of writing where I really don't care too much about how it sounds!  Just trying to be as creative as possible and get as many ideas on tape as I can.  Currently have three songs that appear to be taking shape, tentatively titled "Falling"  (dark and at times heavy with hints of Dream Theater), "Anthem" (Epic - 13+ minutes so far, with some tasty bits of Frost* and Transatlantic), and "12-string" (more of a  mellow jazzy proggy song, with a Todd Rundgren feel).  I am certain the titles will change, but I am feeling really happy about where these new songs are heading.  Also, I hope to be collaborating with Jay Rowland of God Size Hate on a few of the ideas I have.  Jay is a long-time friend and past band-mate and is arguably one of the best guitarists I have known.  I am really looking forward to collaborating after 2+ years of working in a dark room alone (only on music, the rest of my life is significantly less dismal :-) ).

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