Monday, February 13, 2012

Sugar-induced mania

Who would have thought that having six preteens running around the house for 24 hours would have presented an opportunity?  I had pretty much decided that it would be impossible to be creative while my oldest son had his 13th birthday sleepover at the house this weekend (Happy Birthday Buddy!).  As a result, I hunkered down to try to get a lot of the boring technical stuff out of the way on Falling and Anthem.  Both songs are nearing completion, but we are attempting to have Falling ready for mix and master in the next few weeks so that we can let everyone hear the direction NOS is headed in. Between the running, jumping, video games, sugar-induced mania, and late-night nerf gun wars, I was able to get Falling completely setup in my studio so that it can be shared online with Jay and can eventually be sent electronically to the mixing engineer.  Additionally, I was able to get Anthem half-way to that point as well.  So, although creativity was generally low, productivity was high and we keep moving forward.

I am really loving the new sound, and am very excited to have my first taste of some independent work Jay has been doing.  His writing style really adds a whole new dimension to the music of NOS.  I only wish we had the next album finished today so that we could share!

Take care,


  1. I imagine that you can get a lot done then without the distraction of sugared-up teens! Can't wait to hear the new work!

    1. Thanks Barb! Looking forward to your next book as well!